Steven Karim is the founder of Urban Detox. My work combines a mutual passion for Eastern and Western healing practices, along with substantial experience and expertise in wellness and health.

It is this unique combination that makes Urban Detox the most comprehensive holistic cleansing program available in London. Our programs encompass physical cleansing, rebalancing of the nervous system and the importance of the mind body connection.

I believe that cleansing the physical body enables each individual to manage their own health, vitality and longevity. Cleansing can take place on many levels. The first area is the physical body. The other areas are our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Because all these levels are connected, it means that cleansing on the physical level will benefit all related bodies.
Urban Detox approach is to use integrated therapies that allow us to develop personally tailored programs, each as unique as the individual and their needs.
The Aim
To facilitate you to achieve a healthier, more relaxed and holistic lifestyle. Together we will explore and address areas where long-term changes are indicated. This may involve identifying where systemic stress and behavioral patterns are affecting your overall health and emotional wellbeing.
The range of programs can produce fast results to improve overall vitality - the services are here to support you in making long-term lifestyle changes to help to maintain and maximize your results. Urban Detox is dedicated to providing the support you need to make clear informed choices towards transforming your Health and your Life.