"Reducing Virtually all Cleansing Symptoms"

All new clients are required to do a consultation and is a legal requirment. The information collected is to provide the correct treatment plan, client management and supporting therapies for you.

What Happens?
A initial consultation involves a health questionnaire that covers an array of key aspects on health relating to different organ function to stress mangement and emotional wellbeing. The questionnaire is emailed to the client. The client fills out all information into the document provided and send it back via email to Urban Detox. The questionnaire is reviewed and is followed up by a phone call, where more questions can be asked as a result of your answers, this normally takes between 30-60 minutes.

What Information do I receive?
Once the assement is completed a treatment paln can be developed for your specific needs, all treatments selected or methodologies will be listed with a frequency of treatments for the desired outcome. The client management will determine how many times per week you will be required to have the treatments. Supporting therapies like Nutrition and Supplementation is given with a list of requirements to modify and supplements to take, how and when. Based on this information a total cost can be determined for your program.

Will I need Tests done?
Tests are done on the prinicple being that tests are performed where information from the questionnaire is unknown or insufficient to conclude all areas of the clients' health profile. This process makes the selection of tests more targeted and specific to your needs. Tests can also be used as markers so that a clear reference of improvement can be determined. Please check the Tests section. 

Why have I not started my cleansing program after the consultation?
The data collected from the consultation my indicate that other areas of the body may need more attention before starting a cleansing program right away. For example your immunity may need to rejuvenate before starting a cleasing program or your digestive tract requires treatment to improve it's ability to absorb foods. Once they have improved your body will be ready to cleanse and tolerate a deep cleasning process. This could take between a week and up to a month before you start your cleansing program.