Ozone Treatments

Individually designed treatment or programs that rejuvenate the body, increase energy and stamina and boost immunity and blood circulation
Ozone Steam Sauna
Toxins, deep within the adipose tissue, are transformed and the body is enabled to safely and naturally eliminate them. A natural self-healing process can start to induce relaxation, aiding general health and managing degenerative disease.
Ozone Insufflation
A catheter is placed into the vagina or rectum and medical ozone is directed into the cavity. Ozone is absorbed into the surrounding tissue immediately, as it enters into the portal vein that runs along the colon. The ozone is transported towards the liver along the portal vein and enters the systemic blood circulation via the liver. This is a safe and simple method that restores immunity, increases oxygen and promotes cleansing throughout the body.
Ozone Cupping
A specialised glass cup is used to make ozone treatments over local areas of the body. Medical ozone gas  at controlled concentrations enters through the cup and infuses directly through the skin. Ozone is readily absorbed through the skin and help in healing infections and wounds.  
Ozone Limb Bagging
A polythene bag is sealed over the limb, the bag has a valve for the ozone gas to enter. The gas is humified and the area of the limb is sprayed with water. This is used for burns, healing wounds, sterlizing infections and dermal conditions.
Ozone Water
Pure distilled water is charged with medical grade ozone, used to energise as well as treat bacterial stomach infections, urinary tract infections, thrush, cystitis, gently cleansing the colon, kidneys and urethra tract. This method is also good for rinsing out the mouth to optimize oral health.